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Outreach Rep at Shambhlala

Promote the Glow Stick Initiative! 

Paid stipend + free ticket + early entry + meals during shift 

Do you love Shambhala and want to give back to this community? We are working with the Glow Stick Intiative to help keep the farm clean and raise awareness about the effects of glow sticks on the environment

Outreach Representative Position at Shambhala

with the Glow Stick Initiative and LuxBio

At LuxBio, our mission is to innovate safe, sustainable, and stable light solutions through our breakthrough in cell-free bioluminescence. We are partnering with The Glow Stick Initiative to reduce waste at Shambhala Music Festival. The Glow Stick Initiative has already prevented over 12,000 glow sticks from ending up in landfills.


To further our mission, we need enthusiastic Outreach Representatives to promote our non profit partner, the Glow Stick initiative, educate festival-goers about sustainability, and document the festival experience.



  • Arrival on Wednesday before the festival (July 24th)

  • Work through Monday (July 26-29 / Festival Dates)

  • Departure on Tuesday after the festival (July 31)

  • Additional transit time from your location to the festival. 


Location: Salmo River Ranch in West Kootenay, BC



  • Free ticket and early entry to Shambhala

  • Meals provided during every shift

  • Pay upfront to cover the initial cost of gas: after the festival receive additional stipend to cover transportation fees and hand-off of agreed upon deliverables (ie. video/photo/art installation.) Stipend for transportation can be discussed depending on starting location and mode of transport.



  • Promote the Glow Stick Initiative at Shambhala and educate attendees in a fun, non-judgemental way

  • Collect content to document experience: videos and photos and quick interviews with festival-goers

  • Ensure the Art Installation pieces are transported to the festival and help with set up/take down

Essential Qualifications

  • Has attended Shambhala before 


Ideal Candidate: (not required, but preferred!)

  • Comfortable and enthusiastic being on camera and interviewing and talking with people

  • Previous experience volunteering at Shambhala or similar music festival

  • Demonstrated environmental activism or action (e.g., member of an environmental club)

  • Skilled in video and photo taking

  • Commitment to remaining sober during shifts

  • Willingness to share on social media/some social media presence 


Bonus Qualifications:

  • Training in harm reduction

  • Experience doing outreach at events or campaigning

  • Possession of a large vehicle for transporting Art Installation pieces


If you are passionate about sustainability, experienced in outreach, and eager to be a part of the Shambhala experience, we encourage you to apply! 


Please fill out the form below and attach your resume and relevant experiences! :)

Apply Here

We'll be in touch soon to schedule interviews! Thank you!

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