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5 things glow stick companies don't want you to know

illegal chemicals, shocking toxicity, regulatory loopholes,
broken laws, and a call for change

The same dioxins that made Agent Orange dangerous were once used in glow sticks, and why new formulations aren't much better


Outline of research that found cytotoxicity and genotoxicity after exposure to light stick formulas, and what could be the cause


Review of shocking consumer report which found hidden and illegal chemicals in 85% of surveyed glow sticks


Regulatory loophole companies use to label glow sticks as 'safe and non-toxic' for children, and the reported 2 million exposure events that prove this regulation wrong


Industry requirements that make phasing out glow sticks challenging and the call for alternatives + what we're doing about it 


Bonus - how sustainable and safe alternatives are entirely possible, its just that these companies don't want to pay for it


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Quotes from Report

"In France, over the course of 1999-2020, 2,029,714 exposure events were recorded in France alone. Children between 1-4 years old constituted 50% of the exposure events, often due to biting through the plastic tube."

"The use of dibutyl phthalate in glow sticks considered to be toys, is a violation of the law." stated the Danish Ministry of the Environment, [after finding dibutyl phthalate in glow sticks marketed towards children.]

"Historically, the first glow sticks ever made contained polychlorinated oxalate esters that upon breakdown with peroxide had formed TCDD, the worst known dioxin and characterized from the now-illegal chemical weapon, Agent Orange."

This is a solved problem. 

We have developed a non-toxic and compostable alternative to replace the use of these toxic and single-use plastic glow sticks and ensure essential applications of chemical light technology are maintained. 

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