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Lume | 50 pack
  • Lume | 50 pack


    Did you know that glow sticks were originally invented by the US military? and that the chemical reaction creates incredibly dangerous byproducts?

    We didn't know either.

    But one day our founder was volunteering at a music festival cleaning the festival grounds, and picked up hundreds of dead, plastic glow sticks, and grew curious. What was in these things, and what would happen if the chemicals leaked out?


    This lead her to a a 2014 publication in Nature Communications, where researchers had discovered that although glow sticks are marketed as non-toxic and safe, the waste from the interior of the glow sticks were causing:

    - genetic mutations 

    - cell death

     In concentrations as low as 1/10,000. 

    We founded this company to replace the chemicals that produce chemiluminescence, from glow sticks to biomedical assays and beyond. 

    Our technology is based on the natural phenomena of bioluminescence, which is a biochemical reaction produced by many living creatures, including fireflies, jellyfish, glow worms, and more. 
    At the core of all bioluminescence is an enzymatic reaction, which is where a microscopic protein breaks apart a molecule, and releases energy in the form of light. We have developed a breakthrough in the field of cell-free bioluminescence, with a system that generates stable light for hours.
    All of our products are powered with this system.

    We are now launching a plastic free, biodegradable glow stick replacement that is powered with bioluminescence! 

    SKU: 217537123517253

      Chem Light Replacement built to meet NATO lumen standards.
      Powered with Lux Bio's proprietary Bioluminescent enzymes.
      Available in Firefly Yellow.

      - non toxic

      - biodegradable shell 

      - water activated


      Works just like a standard issue glow stick. Bend the casing to break the inner ampoule to release the water. Shake to mix and activate the light.

    With every purchase, we are one step closer to removing toxic chemiluminescence from our planet. Thank you!

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