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One of the most well-known uses of chemiluminescence, and an application where it is particularly dangerous is for chemical glow sticks. These glow sticks contain hazardous genotoxic waste, and most people do not know the dangers present by an exposure event. So, we are leveling up our mission and need your help - if you want to help prevent waste, add your name to our Glow Stick Ban petition. We know you’ve probably signed a lot of petitions in your life, so let me tell you about how signing really helps us on our mission to prevent unnecessary chemical and plastic waste from ending up in our environment. 1. We can use this list in our pitches and investor conversations, and in our meetings with banks when we apply for loans. This is valuable “De-Risking” for our business case - every name counts!

2. This list will grow with us - the more people sign now, the bigger the ‘follow-along’ effect will be. This momentum really helps launch green technologies, builds community, and also - if this works is a case study for other people working in clean tech on how they can mobilize for change! 3. BIG GOAL - we can get glow sticks banned! It will be a long process, and will take thousands, if not millions of signatures. We know we can do it, even if it takes a long time and a ton of work! Of course, this directly helps Us, the people here at Nyoka Design Labs, by the virtue that we are working on creating a viable alternative for the glow sticks we are trying to get banned!

We hope you think that helping us on our mission is a worthy cause; we currently employ 5 people who are working to make our world a healthier, cleaner place. We want to give our business a fighting chance to make it in a world that has long subsidized extractive industries. Every bit counts at this stage in our journey - your support makes a meaningful difference. Thank you so much! Paige, Co-Founder & CEO


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