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Indie Bio is the leading biotech accelerator in the world. For the past few months we have had the honour of participating in the program alongside some absolutely hardcore and inspiring companies. Our fellow sustainable-biotech cohort is @buchabio growing sustainable vegan leather 👟, and @beemmunity who has developed a solution to colony collapse disorder! 🐝

Thanks to Indie Bio’s investment and coaching, we have been able to make meaningful progress on our bioluminescence research, have expanded our team, and are in the middle of launching our first commercial product, and have connected with an incredible community of fellow biotech startups.


Note from Paige, cofounder and CEO:

Years ago when the Light Wand was just an idea in the minds of myself and a few others, I never thought we would ever be part of such a well regarded program like Indie Bio. It seemed incredibly out of reach, and at the time I wasn’t even aware myself just how big the glow stick problem is! A few years, lots of growth, and a dash of confidence later, it has been absolutely game changing - thank you Indie Bio team for believing in us and investing in our potential ⚛️


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