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Have you every talked to a SLIME MOLD?

We asked the wise, surprisingly talkative Andi the Slime Mold what the next Light Wand Guardian mission should be, and they had this to say:

'Disco demotes hex noun top, way naiad cap fumes.'

Andi clearly knows of the awesome, terrifying power of Disco! When Disco happens, all other musical forms are automatically demoted, for Disco alone has the power to unleash hexes across the land against all things too good and proper (by this we mean the top-rung of worldly elites, obv). The way forwards is via capping fumes, clearly related to our current carbon crisis. All together, Andi is telling all guardians to boogie down to some awesome disco while working to cap emissions.

Carbon-sequestering dancefloor titans of the future!

What naiad means is still uncertain - what do you think Andi wants you to do with this message from the slime??

Jan-Maarten, slime mold caretaker and whisperer, had this reflection on the meaning: Very beautiful and mysterious, with a hint of transformative power. Follow Andi's adventures on !


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