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New Facility in South Vancouver

Moving into our own building and having the entire team in one place has been an absolutely incredible milestone for the company. The impact on team culture, productivity, and sense of collaboration and alignment is massive.

Why? Pilot Scale Enzyme Production

We have dedicated our past year’s R&D efforts on enzyme optimization, strain engineering, bioprocess development, and downstream processing optimization to fulfil our 2024 targets of increasing production capacity from milligrams to kilograms.

Our dedicated bioprocess expansion, led by Daniel, Tatiana, Charf, and James. is now operating out of a fed-batch system. This is a scalable process we will be expanding upon in our new pilot-production facility. Our most significant hurdle to wide-spread adoption is getting our product in the hands of our customers for testing and review, as well as bringing down the cost of production in order to deliver a cost-effective product. We will be continuously improving our systems and increasing our capacity throughout the year. This facility will enable us to produce the first commercially viable batches of our bioluminescent formula!


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